Real Estate Transactions: Keith Poliakoff, Government Law Group

Check out the professionals who are finalists in the Real Estate Transactions category as part of the Florida Legal Awards.

Keith Poliakoff, with Government Law Group, is a finalist for the Daily Business Review’s 2024 Real Estate Transactions award.

What are some of your most significant achievements of the past year?

Some of my most significant achievements have involved golf course redevelopments in 2023. For example, I helped to lead the redevelopment of the Emerald Hills Golf Course into a Jack Nickluas-designed course that features approximately 500 units of housing. I also won an award from the City of Hollywood for the redevelopment of the Orangebrook Golf course, to transform the Rees Jones designed course by bringing 800 units of housing and golf amenities.

I also won approval for BTI Partners 900 unit tower in Hollywood and the complete redevelopment of the Southland Mall in Cutler Bay. Altogether I oversaw more than $3 billion in new development deals in 2023.

Florida’s real estate market is continually among the hottest in the country. What are your thoughts on that?

The influx of capital from the Northeast and the growing demand for housing continues to fuel a construction boom in South Florida’s urban cores. Investors and developers have discovered areas like downtown Hollywood where there is room for smart redevelopment to bring housing opportunities to an area so close to some of Broward’s largest employment centers like the port and the airport. The opportunities in South Florida abound. A good example is the City of Hollywood, which is taking a proactive approach to attracting investment and businesses to a community that has so much to offer.

What does it take to become a trusted real estate/transactional lawyer in Florida?

Honesty is essential to becoming a successful land-use attorney. Relationships are essential to success. You need to be honest with municipal leaders about the pros and cons of projects you represent. You also have to have quality clients who will see projects through, otherwise your reputation with civic leaders may be tarnished.

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