Real Estate

The underlying real estate acquisition usually comes with the entitlement process. Government Law Group’s attorneys have helped to reshape the Florida skyline by successfully representing clients in the purchase, financing, development, and sale of improved and unimproved properties across the state. Whether you are looking at raw land, a redevelopment, or an existing income generating property, Government Law Group can help you in all aspects of your real property needs. After finding a property, Government Law Group will help you to navigate the due diligence process including seeking zoning confirmation letters, platting determination letters, environmental assessments, curing lien, surveying and title defects, and even helping to determine impact fees. Thereafter, we can assist with the financing, including the review of complex loan agreements and all other matters necessary to help reach a successful closing. Our clients include multifamily developers, hotel operators, shopping centers, retail establishments, banks, gas stations, industrial parks, and even office complexes. Government Law Group prides itself on its ability to help you to navigate the entire process.