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Fore Sale! Suddenly Golf Seems More of an Asset Class Than Ever

Credit the prospect of four-day workweeks and the expansion of off-course options like of Topgolf Near the San Juan Mountains, Colorado’s Cornerstone Club pairs a tranquil lake, four pickleball courts and a residential community with a 7,800-yard golf course, a quality-of-life asset that’s experienced an upswing since the pandemic.  “People want to live on a […]

Boca Raton: Recusal order affirmed

‘Clear bias’ against beach home puts key figures off case A year after verbally ordering Boca Raton to reconsider its 2019 denial of a permit to build a four-story home on the beach, a federal judge has put his decision in writing. “It is hereby declared” that plaintiff Natural Lands LLC “has the right to […]

New state law could allow developers to demolish historic buildings

A newly enacted state law will make it easier for developers to demolish some historic structures in coastal areas, a Fort Lauderdale land use attorney told the Business Journal. Keith Poliakoff, co-founder of Government Law Group, said the bill will enable developers to demolish old buildings that weren’t registered with the National Register of Historic […]

Top Real Estate Issues Tackled By Fla. Lawmakers In 2024

Real estate matters remained a high priority for the Florida Legislature during its 2024 session, which wrapped up Friday with lawmakers making revisions to a landmark housing bill, imposing statewide vacation rental regulations, and taking further steps to shore up condominiums and community associations. Here’s a look at some of the most notable changes lawmakers […]

Real Estate Transactions: Keith Poliakoff, Government Law Group

Check out the professionals who are finalists in the Real Estate Transactions category as part of the Florida Legal Awards. Keith Poliakoff, with Government Law Group, is a finalist for the Daily Business Review’s 2024 Real Estate Transactions award. What are some of your most significant achievements of the past year? Some of my most […]

Debt-Stricken Homeowners Fight Back After High Court Ruling

Alan DiPietro merely wanted more land for his alpacas. It was 2014, and the Massachusetts engineer had been raising a herd of the camelid mammals for half a dozen years and selling their fleece. Looking for more space for his alpacas to roam, he bought 34 acres in the contiguous towns of Bolton and Stow […]

Florida legislature passes bill allowing demo of aging coastal buildings

Though some structures, including those on National Register, are protected, legislation opens the door to new waterfront construction Florida lawmakers approved a controversial bill that would make it easier to demolish some coastal buildings, many of which are aging, and redevelop the sites. The proposed legislation pitted property owners and developers against preservationists who decried […]

Florida Lawmakers Update Live Local Act But Leave 1-Mile Radius Intact

Glitch bill strengthens the law, while adding some protections for single-family neighborhoods Florida lawmakers have passed a bill updating last year’s Live Local Act, offering some concessions to single-family neighborhoods while ultimately expanding the law’s purview even further. The original Live Local Act was designed to increase workforce housing development, and its main provision allowed developers to bypass […]

Revisions Show Fla.’s Dedication To Affordable Housing Law

With the approval of significant revisions to a landmark affordable housing law they passed in 2023, Florida state lawmakers have reinforced their commitment to incentivizing an increase in much-needed housing supply, real estate attorneys and developers said. The revised version of the Live Local Act passed 112-1 in the House on Wednesday following an earlier […]