Lobbying – Government Relations

When you go to a foreign place and you don’t speak the language, wouldn’t you hire an interpreter to help you navigate this new country where you’ve found yourself?

Wouldn’t you do the same when dealing with government? Clients hire GLG to interface with government on their behalf. Whether the goal is to increase towing permit fees, start a program that will allow homeowners to pay for wind and storm mitigation on their homes through their property taxes, or just relationship building in a new part of the region; GLG works with staff and elected officials every day on behalf of our clients.


We provide insightful, substantive, and creative strategies to achieve our client’s goals. These may include community meetings and grassroots activism to generate support on a specific issue; a public relations strategy with a social media component targeting a specific audience, or even just a well thought out billboard. As lawyer-lobbyists we offer a different perspective on advocacy, in that we are able to parse the legal implications from any political spin while being able to clearly and effectively communicate our client’s prepared message. Additionally, we have been very successful in working with industry groups and associations to improve a variety of municipal restrictions for the specific industry.

At GLG we pride ourselves for not only having the right experience and relationships, but our knowledge of the process, has yielded tremendous results for our clients. Being able to read and apply the jurisdiction’s code is one thing, but knowing the case law, Florida Statutes and even Robert’s Rules of Order have put our attorneys in a class by themselves. Understanding all of these procedural issues and deadlines have helped us put our clients in the best opportunities for success.