For the last twenty years, GLG has been helping to shape the skylines of Broward and Palm Beach Counties by representing clients in the land use and zoning phase of development.

When a client has identified a property, Government Law Group can quickly analyze the existing regulations and determine the maximum development potential for the client with realistic chances of success. Due to our experience in these jurisdictions as well as our relationships with staff and elected officials; we provide our clients with the most relevant data so that they can make the best decision possible. “I enjoy working with clients who have a vision for what they want to achieve for the property, community and the City, and then to turn those renderings into reality is truly a thrill,” says GLG attorney Neil Schiller. GLG has decades of experience representing developers and clients who achieve their goals.

Land use and zoning

The firm also has years of experience representing homeowners’ associations when potential projects would have a chance to harm the HOA. Recently, Palm Beach Country Estates Landowners’ Association hired Neil Schiller to work with them to prevent two sober houses with up to 14 residents each from being established in their neighborhood. In this representation Neil led a team of consultants and residents to achieve an overwhelming denial to the sober homes. “Neighbors have rights when in the land use and zoning realm of law,” says Keith Poliakoff, “we are here to ensure that our client’s rights are protected at all costs and to ensure that if the development gets approved next to our HOA client, it will likely be with our client’s support.” GLG has experience representing homeowners’ associations, condominium associations, neighboring property owners and more in the opposition of development that would negatively impact them and their interests.

The last aspect of land use and zoning that GLG employs on behalf of its clients is the ability to draft, amend, revise and get approved new and amended development regulations. GLG operates under the motto, “if we can’t do it under the Code… let’s just change the Code.” While that is easier said than done, GLG has initiated a multitude of new or amended regulations that have helped to accomplish our client’s goals.